Banaras from an eye of a Banarasi.

“If you want to explore BANARAS go solo in a rikshaw.”

Banaras the land of “LORD SHIVA”.

The land of temples.

Banaras is widely known for its ancient culture, temples and LORD SHIVA.


Banaras is also something more than this.

So a short glimpse of Banaras from an eye of a Banarasi.

Banaras is all about banarasies. Being a banarasi is not a normal thing…..but it’s divine😉. Banaras has everything of its own. One of its kind……it’s aura, assence, accent,people, culture, cuisines everything.

Banaras and the banarasies totally run on the philosophy of LORD SHIVA. There is a saying in banaras ” JISKA MAN MAST HAI USKE PASS SARVAST HAI.” banarasies totally run on this philosophy… means that if your inner self is enjoyable you will have everything and enjoy everything.

So banarasies basically enjoy everything in life. All banarsies don’t need spiritual classes from any guru to become spiritual because it’s nector lie in every banarasi from birth. We know the real gist of spiritualism i.e PARAM-ANAND and every banarasi is high on Baba ji ki booti throughout the day and enjoys paramanada every second of his life😉 Hahahahahahah.(kidding)

You can’t explore banaras just sitting inside a four wheel cabin. BANARAS is all about ghats,streets,nukkad,people ,their talks, a daily nukkad talks on every pan and chai shops.( Tea and Betel shop). That’s why I quoted in the beginningIf you want to explore BANARAS go solo in a will find great talks and true essence of banaras on these shops. These shops in banaras are fuel stations for banarasies. These shops will give you some serious talks about life, spirituallity , politics, philosophies etc……….. because a banarasi pan inside your mouth can pull the hidden you in yourself. 🕵️ Trust me.😃😎😜


Banaras enjoys everything, every moment , from sunrise to sunset. The Ganga Aarti in the evening to Subhah-E-Banaras in the morning. The Ghats of banaras are equally responsible for the unique identity of banaras as banarasies does……they are the best place to detach someone from the outer world and connect to mystical and magistic world of spiritualism and joy……. The divine cold breeze touching the feet of holy Ganga smashing at your face will leave you mesmerised for hours………even the noise of crowded people will make you feel calm and silent from inside.




© Copyright reserved Sankshep-The summary 2017

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