One day🌞 I was wondering on the empty streets 🛣️of my life, cursing me and my so called Life as a routine diet. I was walking as if I have to go nowhere or just the road was endless. It was in the morning time and I was fully exhausted.
May be I had enough of blaming me and my life, I was tired, may be because of walking and blaming. I sat on a wooden block on the side of the road, trying to ease by envolving myself into majestic view of spring and cold breeze. I was floating in the silence of outside along with the chaos of inside. Ohhh so poetic!! Wow.


Ultimately the chaos of inside overcome the silence of outside and again I start walking. Thinking and daydreaming of what I should have or what I could have or what I will have. I was cycling my thoughts between should have to could have to will have. And when I was done with my daydreaming but still didn’t figured out b/w should have, could have, will have , I daydreamed another thing or actually I wished something, that………..that wish I could have Everything.

After a moment of silence…………..

Tap on my shoulder twice.

I saw a man standing behind me. He was quite fat and was looking rich. I asked” yes sir may I help you” . “No you can’t” he replied. And after a moment of silence i thought he might have lost his route to home. So I offered him my help as nice citizen. And then he said no he was not lost, he was just passing by and saw me chattering alone, So he came to give me company. Because he said” you were looking stupid talking alone”. And he decides to give me company. I understood😮😮😮😮, he was a con man. I warned him to go away or I call the police. He smiled and said “go on call them”.

Those words terrified me, I thought he is a big gangster who has no fear of cops. I immediately put my hands in the pocket and there was no cell phone. Within no time I understood he was professional pickpocket, no he was there leader, i assumed according to his outfit.

I warned him, to give my cell phone back or I will punch him so hard on his face that he will become grandpa within no time. I thought we are going have heated conversation or fight, but that man was calm and very nicely he said ” please search me sir!, I don’t have your phone”.

Then I understood he is not that easy to handle. I searched him and I got the phone “yeaahhhh…… that’s my phone, I know you are a con man, there is my phone” I said and then I saw it and it was not my phone but it was ***** one of the most costliest phone on earth. I looked at him and I was again in a shock. He said this is mine very calmly. I can see that sarcastic smile on his face and joy of proving me wrong every time. Then I understood he is a big criminal……who took my phone then on second thoughts why would he take my cheap phone. Now I have no choice than asking him nicley “sir, where is my phone”. I was feeling like a little boy who lost his chocolate and asking stupid question. He said “how on earth would I know, you may have left it on your desk“. And after a moment of silence again I figured that he was right again………….“wait a minute how did you know that”? I asked with a big question mark on my face. “Ohh please!!!!!! Enough of your kuch to gadbad h Dayaa kinda thing I’m not a theif.”He shouted and I was like, yeah okay fine, my bad. I had no option rather than accepting what he was saying…….he was looking quite dangerous man.

Then he said very calmly “don’t worry, these things happen when you are so much into yourself and your problems, you don’t pay attention to what is going on around you.

And your behaviour reflects what your thoughts are”.…………

what he just said has gone above the reach of my social and intellectual and everything what I thought I was. I asked very nicely “can you please elaborate” 🙂. He laughed at me and said “don’t worry you will understand, it took me several years to understand all this.”


The person:- See!!! when you go deep into your thoughts it’s just like diving into an ocean, it has pearls and others treasure and on the same side the ocean has the dark side too, but here it is upto to you what you choose and come up with, The treasure or the Darkness………and what you choose reflects on your behaviour.

Me:- ohh yeaahhhh!!!!!!!!!

The person:- hahahahaha you will understand soon, it took me quite a time to understand this………

Me:- You talk like a sage. So you are kinda spiritual guy too.

The person:- not actually, my experiences made me spiritual….ummmmm kind off………..😉

We had a small conversation then and he told that he is rich and had a consultancy buisness,what kinda consultant, he didn’t told, But it seems he was quite busy man. He told about his family, his kids.But there was sadness in him. I totally ignored that sadness……Because I don’t get too close to strangers. But one thing which I was eager to know that how he manages everything or maintain balance between work and family and private life and everything……………so I asked him how did you manage everything. He said politely you can’t manage everything my friend. And he looked my face and understood that I want to know how, but he said “don’t worry it’s simple you can’t manage everything“. I don’t know how, but I understood this time.

We then talked a while and it he still looked sad and I said”bro( yeah by the time we were kinda bro’s) do you have any reason to be sad I mean you are rich, have family, kids, you can go wherever you can, a world tour, whenever you want. I don’t think you have any reason to be sad. I mean look at me.I wanted to do my business and still I am planning to do my business……….some how I’m managing my bank account by doing freelancing. And my love life……….I have no love life. My freinds are getting married and some even have kids…………and i still don’t know where am I going. Now that’s the reason to be sad.

He laughed again and he said ” You have reasons to be sad. But I think there are none………you are doing freelancing and you started earning……….that’s good, you can do it as a full time career. It has its own benifit.

Me:- oh no I hardly have any permanent coustmers……it is not enough.

The person:- No freelancer ever started with dozens of coustmer. You have spent few months….have patience I think you are doing it good. You said you have no love life…….that is also fine , may its not the right time to fell in love. And if you are not getting married that’s okay give yourself some more time…… concentrate on your work….why so hurry!!!!!!!!!!!you just started……………..

Me:-yeah man!!!!! now you are making some sense……
I was silent for a while and thought “Wow this man was giving me some great advices…” I started talking him.

We shared much more of what was needed I was very happy and I was feeling relaxed now we both decided to move he said “its time for work”. We hugged each other . And we moved to our destinations.

He vanished behind the trees so was I. And I was thinking of him, may be he is also thinking of me right now, no no no he is definitely thinking of me, I know what he must have said after leaving ….” Where is my purse,where is my wallet, where is my gold chain” Hahahahahahahahahahahahah poor guy…………..I was not feeling good when I was stealing his stuff’s while hugging……..But what to do he said it’s work time and I started my work………….he also said I was doing good…………..yeaahhhh now he will come to know, I am damn good……….

But I will follow his advice as , I will do it as a full time job yeaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And trust me this man gave me some life changing advice……and yes what he said was right “ you can’t manage everything”. I didn’t manage to steal his phone😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜, he gave me such a good advice…….he said he was a consultant, the best I can give him as his consulting fees was by not stealing his phone……………but I really thought one time that he was gangster….😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

But then,

I searched his wallet, there was no cash……….there was a paper with a laughing emoji face on it………….it raised my eye brow,

I checked the watch, it was fake!!!!!!!! I scratched the gold chain, Ohhh noooooo it was artificial…………………

But then,

I searched my wallet it was gone……… has ATM and adhaar id too😯😯😯😯………….. I ran and searched him but no one was there.

I didn’t go to police……….you know why……….some how I reached home I saw my phone, there was a message.

“Consulting fees taken”…………..

I got the message too that I have withdrawn ₹ 25000…………. But how did he got my number, ohh from I’d. But My ATM pin😯😯😯😯😯😯
I was stunned

and surprised. I just met my confederate.😂😂😂😂😂



© Copyright reserved Sankshep-The summary 2018

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