Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill in SANKSHEP- THE SUMMARY

To be honest, writing a review of a book is not an easy task.

And I haven’t reviewed any books before. However, consider me a newbie and bear with my words as this is my first time. I am actually not reviewing this book rather I am giving a summary of it or you can say I’m just writing what I felt after reading this book…

Having said that, the reason why I am writing about this book is because I want everyone to read this book.

THINK ANG GROW RICH(21st century edition)
PAGES:- 348
RATING:- 4.5/5
“MONEY can’t buy everything”. But money can be a solution for many of the problems in life.
POVERTY is the greatest nightmare for anyone. And it is worse for those who are living with it.
SUCCESS, this is the word which every human wants to be as a perfect partner for their life.
There are variety of people on this planet and trust me everyone wants to be rich & famous and enjoy every luxury present on this planet. But the question is, DOES EVERYONE SUCCEED? The answer is “NO“. Only few of them make there way to riches and become immortal by leaving behind their footprints for coming several generations.
Now the question arises how?
How these people make their way from rags to riches? How come they make their fortune better than any other? How come they are listed among the most influential and richest man on earth.
Now to answer all these questions and to give you the real key to success NEPOLEON HILL wrote this book ” Think and Grow Rich”. This book contains examples and experience of real people like ANDREW CARNEGIE, THOMAS A. EDISON, HENRY FORD, MAHATAMA GANDHI and many other about how they make their way to success. NEPOLEON HILL interviewed more than 500 multimillionaire and influrncer before writing this book and learned their way to success.
This book was written by NEPOLEON HILL in 1937 and it was the result of his more than 20 year of research on over 500 and more men/women who make their way to riches and achieved success.
I have read the 21 century edition if this book edited and published by MAJUL PUBLICATION. This edition also includes current examples so that the reader could understand better. This book is based on thirteen principles of success which NEPOLEON HILL himself discovered by his twenty year of research.
This book really gives you the secret which will worth you millions. But this book is not about only money making thing. The principles and examples given in this book will help you in almost every part of your life. Whether it is your Job , your relationship, your family, your business everything. You can apply those principles to improve almost every aspect of your life. This book will give you the key to get success wherever you want.

Don’t be in hurry while reading this book, try to understand what actually author wants to convey . Ofcourse it will take time because the principles which author has mentioned needs practice and patience. And yes if you want to achieve something, you have develop patience in yourself. And if you practice these principles and master them, sure you will get what you want. And then this book will worth you millions.


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