Dreams (poem in English)


Some nights 🌃 I wake up suddenly,

It happens to me occasionally,

Sometimes I worry, sometimes I smile,

Sweat on my forehead as if I walked a mile,

That lizard on the wall comes complementary,

These DREAMS I tell you, freak me out, precisely.


The days ⛅ are also it’s confederate,

These dreams come with it at double rate,

Wherever I go, they don’t leave me alone,

May be they are the only thing which I own,

They tickle me more frequently ,

These DREAMS I tell you

,freak me out, precisely.


I even freak out by seeing the greatness of it,

Working day n night to make reality of it

They are there when no one is around,

They are everywhere and are not bound,
Yes! they are helping me absolutely,
But these DREAMS I tell you,freak me out, precisely.


Now they have become the part of me,

They are the reason I developed faith in me,

Now they are giving me big goals to achieve,

But earlier I didn’t understand, I was naive,

Now I am enjoying them definitely,

But still these DREAMS I tell you, freak me out, precisely.

Thank you,


© Copyright reserved Sankshep-The summary 2018

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