Scam:- Electronic Industry.

This is 21st century and we are seeing the world in two different forms real and virtual.

Today’s world is more on virtual than in real.
Social media, video callings, internet, video games, online business, every thing is connected to web, every small to big industries are depending on computers.
Mobile devices like cell phone and tablets are in everyone’s pocket. The world of television is changing fast. The from CRT to LCD to LED
We are changing so the world is.

In this fast growing world these electronic devices have became the part of our life.

Or we can say we are almost dependent on them. Every couple of months a new technology is introduced or a upgraded version of previous one which is good btw.

This hunger for new technology, is it good in every way or not?

What actually happens……….companies manufacture a device with some latest tech. After three or six months or may be a year a new technology or a new device is introduced and company starts manufacturing it which is good. But after couple of years of manufacturing date company will stop making that device and after three to four years of manufacturing date company will stop manufacturing it’s part.
So what happens now if a person device is damaged or some internal malfunctioning happened after three to four year then that person is forced to buy a new device because company can’t repair that device as they stopped manufacturing parts. And they will simply say that you can buy a new device with some discount on returning your previous one.

Well I am not talking about rich fellas but what about Middle class or Lower Middle class people who have summed up there savings of a year or two for a LED TV or some branded touch screen phone. So that there family can enjoy the luxury of watching in high definition TV or mobile. From where they will now get the money to buy a new one when the company simply denied to repair that old device which they purchased four years back by breaking there Fix deposit or savings, because the company has left no option rather than to buy a new television set or a mobile phone.
It is good to give space to new tech but not manufacturing the old one not even parts just after three to four year is something not good.
This is definitely a money game.
Just after three to four years these companies are not manufacturing even parts.
Just because they are indirectly forcing you to buy new one.

My Videocon and BPL CRT television is still working for more than 15 years we kept them to watch cricket match because our LED TV is busy in showing daily soap to our aunts and mom’s.
It’s okay if they stop manufacturing the devices as after certain period of time, as no one is interested to buy old device. But stop making parts? That’s not done.
What about them who have those devices which company stopped manufacturing, even parts are not manufactured. Where they will get that amount of money to buy a new one?

Well this was something I felt we all need to discuss.
Those who read this I love to know your thoughts about this in comment box.

Thank you,


© Sankshep-The summary 2018

4 thoughts on “Scam:- Electronic Industry.

  1. I think companies really don’t care about it now. They just stop manufacturing the product including providing its parts. Yes it makes things very difficult specially for people who want to hold on to their products and want to repair it.

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    1. Yeah that’s true………..they will not repair your device but they will give so called exchange offer……….

      thank you very much for stopping by…………your comments really mean something………

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  2. This is an interesting topic. I have often considered this and that it is a growing problem.
    Though, what happened to old stock parts, it seems they don’t want to work on your “old” machine.

    This is also prominent as apart from the “technology” world.

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