“Banaras from an eye of a Banarasi” part I continued……. THE GHATS


Continued part 1……

Banaras enjoys everything, every moment , from sunrise to sunset. The Ganga Aarti in the evening to Subhah-E-Banaras in the morning.

The Ghats of Banaras are equally responsible for the unique identity of Banaras as Banarasies does……they are the best place to detach someone from the outer world and connect to mystical and majestic world of spiritualism and joy……. The divine cold breeze touching the feet of holy Ganga and smashing your face will leave you mesmerized for hours………even the noise of crowded people will make you feel calm and silent from inside.

There were 84 Ghats in total in Banaras but few more has been added the past years so now there are all total around 100 Ghat’s . But the most famous Ghats in Banaras are



3) MANIKARNIKA GHAT. Cremation ground ghat.

4) HARISHCHANDRA GHAT. Cremation ground ghat





These are the few Ghats which are famous and most visited.

The GHATS OF THE BANARAS are the life line of the city not only for visitors but for the small and big business also. Thousands of people run there family by doing business on the Ghats. Many luxuries hotels, restaurants chain, run on the Ghats of Banaras. The GHATS of Banaras are the major source of employment for thousands of Banarasies. On the bank of river Ganga, the Ghats are not only responsible for employment but also these Ghats inspire tonnes of artist like writers, musicians, dancers, painters, singers , actors , film makers and many more, KABIR DAS(poet), TULSI DAS( poet, writer who wrote RAM CHARIT MANAS), MUNSHI PREMCHAND( writer), BHARTENDU HARISH CHANDRA (WRITER), JAI SHANKAR PRASAD (writer), HAZARI PRASAD DWIVEDI(writer), RANI LAXMI BAI( the most fierce warrior, and the Queen Jhansi who gave Britishers there tough time) , USTAD BISMILLAH KHAN( Shehnai player), KISHAN MAHRAJ(table player), RAVIDAS( famous mystic-poet) are some of most famous INDIA had are from BANARAS. Till now many great thinkers, national and international award winners historians are there in Banaras. All of them definitely had drawn inspiration from Ghats of Banaras.

The Ghats of Banaras are mostly visited either in the morning or in the evening. The youth mostly visit the ghat in the evening to hangout and chill with friends. The tourists visit the ghat both in the morning and in the evening, especially to see the Ganga Aarti in the evening. In the morning the ghat is full of people doing yoga, meditation, prayers. And in the evening the Ghat’s are busy in Ganga Aarti and youngester to hangout. You can catch some of them playing guitar ,sketching , painting, photo-shooting, raoming on boats. In the evening time the Ghat is full of college students, tourists and ofcourse tour guides. You will find some awsome cafes on and near the Ghat’s of Banaras to chill out and bookstores for bibliophiles.

There are many cultural events held on the Ghat of Banaras but Subhah-e-Banaras and Ganga Aarti happens to be everyday.


Subhah-E-Banaras is a cultural event held daily in the morning on Assi ghat to welcome Sun and Mother Nature and promote culture of Banaras. Subhah e Banaras is perfect blend of yoga, Indian music and Vedic chanting’s along the majestic view of rising sun is enough to purify your soul and welcome Sun in the most possible spiritual way you can ever be in your life. It starts at 5:00 am every morning and goes around 7:00am.

The one hour yoga session and two hours of Indian music will make you love the life and its colours. It will inspire you to live more and enjoy more. The new talents are always welcome here. The Vedic yoga, yoga, music, the yagna, the chanting’s of Mantras together will help you in rising your spiritual self and blend your-self in the majestic morning of Banaras.


The Ghats of Banaras are also famous for Ganga Aarti which happens every evening as a offering to MOTHER RIVER GANGA for showering her blessing upon us and LORD SHIVA the CREATER OF THIS UNIVERSE.

This magnificent event happens for 45 min. starts with the announcement along with chanting of mantras and the sound of SHANKH. The Aarti is done by students of Vedas and Upnishads and the high priests they wear same clothes DHOTI AND KURTA. It is performed by the brass lamps and chanting’s of sacred mantras and Indian classical music. The 45 min of aarti will purify you soul and leave you with a mesmerising experience of spirituality and bliss.

The ghats of Banaras is also famous for it cultural programs held most frequently on the famous ghats like Assi Ghat and dashashwamedh Ghat. Programs like musical shows, dance etc etc. also attract tourists and locals towards ghat. As we know Banaras is also the for HINDU/SANATAN culture, so festivals like DEV DEEPAWALI and HOLI also have influence over Ghats of Banaras. The Ghats are decorated with lakhs of DIYAS during Dev Deepawali and tonnes of colours and garland’s during HOLI.

The Ghats of Banaras will always be an inspiration to everyone, the perfect platform for the showcase of INDIAN culture, spirituality and endless beauty of MOTHER NATURE and holy river GANGA. A walk through the ghats of Banaras is a never ending experience, every time you step on the Ghats of Banaras you will see and experience the life in the whole new level of spirituality and youthfulness.





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