The Moh-Maya and The Matrix.

The Moh-Maya and The Matrix.
Hello everyone.
There is something I want to share which i never thought i will.
The topic which i am going to share is related to spirituality and  I am not a very spiritual kinda guy but yeah sometimes I do take interest in spirituality but seriously I never thought I will share something related to this topic. so   I was going through this Moh and Maya concept in our Indian culture just because of the free time I was having, and then I  realized, that we have this MATRIX( the movie) theory since centuries.
Well if you don’t know what Matrix movie is all about, here is the summary.
Years ago  a very popular movie ‘The Matrix’ was released following the other two parts “The Matrix reloaded” and “The Matrix Revolution” making it the most popular sci-fie movie of all the the time,  starring Keanu Reaves my all time favourite actor.  The movie was about  machines and computer programmes made by humans, together taking over the Earth and making human their slaves or much worse they feed on human body, and trapping there consciousness in a computer Programme  called the Matrix.  That movie made people crazy and resulted in the biggest blockbuster of that time.
So what made that movie such a successful franchise  of that time and till now?.
The answer is :- Yes of course the famous matrix action of dogging bullets and all other vfx thingie but there was something more, The truth, the truth in that movie made people wanting more and more of this Matrix saga adventure to explore. The truth to believe that we will one day be consumed by our own greed and outcomes and our coming generations will suffer. 
So the movie definitely raised a question about our dependency on machines and our own creations. The concept went so viral that many started believing that we actually live in a computer programme, even the billionaires ,the owners of multi billion tech companies believed in this theory and till now they do.  That’s may be the one of the many reasons my interest in this topic increased. I thought is it possible that we are living in a computer programme ? The day when the question arrived in mind immediately  I started searching answers for it, in my own weird way. The first thing which I did was pinching myself and then observing whether my feeling of the pain was real or something machinery ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.  I have done more weird and stupid thing than this to prove this theory. But all those things were childish and ridiculous. I realized soon that we are real, our world is real and I need to focus more my career and sex life than a sci fie stupidity. 
One day when I was busy in thinking for my career by staring at the wall, which I have been doing past couple of years, I listened a voice of some old man outside my house saying “ye sab moh-maya hai!! sab nashwar hai , ye janjaal hai isse bahar nilko aur zindagi ka shi matlb smjho.” means all this things are MOH-MAYA , its a web , get out of it and understand the real meaning of life, may be  he is addressing to someone. Just because I got bored of over thinking , I thought that this is an interesting topic to explore THE MOH-THE MAYA. So I started watching spirituals channels, as i live in Banaras ( Varanasi) I also explored Sadhus on the bank of river Ganga and also I consulted our purohit ji( priest) about concept of MOH-MAYA, and also the elders of my house, though the elders were in shock seeing me asking about MOH-MAYA and some of my elders almost raised their slippers and gave another guru gyan of preparation for the government job by saying ” go study prepare for some competition, useless.”  But I sticked to my plan and continued my so called research.
After exploring much I found something very interesting , that the MOH-MAYA is actually the Matrix of this world.  MOH means The bonding, The attraction, MAYA means The Illusion of the materialistic things around us ( like a programme) so the attraction or the bonding with illusion of materialistic things around us which gives us pleasure, comfort and make us addicted through out our lives is called concept of  MOH-MAYA , though the concept of MOH-MAYA is much versatile and vast than this. but in summary according to MOH-MAYA concept we are caged in the illusion of materialistic objects and things around us ,created by us( like a computer progamme called matrix in the movie) and in order to get rid of this illusion and to know our true self, we need to detach our selves with the help of knowledge,truth, spiritualism, realism etc etc. and who will help us to do this of-course someone who has detached themselves from this illusion, some guru/experts (like morpheous and his team in the movie).  We are so much dependent on things around us, technology around us day by day, no wonder we will one day make ourselves slaves to the inventions made by us, things which are invented to make our life easy are now consuming us and that too by our own mistakes because we humans over use every thing good to us until either we loose interest or we become addicted.
So the conclusion is, those who think we live in a computer programme / Matrix they are not totally incorrect but rather they should know that the Matrix is actually illusion of materialistic  things or worldly things around us MAYA, not some computer programme and we are caged in that illusion by the attraction, bonding MOH. And yes we are the one who has created this Illusion around us of-course. But because we ceased our self from reality since centuries these illusions seems real to us.
So this was THE MOH-MAYA and THE MATRIX.
Hope you like it.
Thank you,

9 thoughts on “The Moh-Maya and The Matrix.

  1. A very interesting insight into the attraction of illusion.

    Please allow me to explain a part of my religious experience and present views in the hope that I might be of some help. I live in a country and culture which has been built up and affected by Christianity for more than 1000 years. Even so, I wasn’t brought up religiously. As a child I attended church now and again. As an adult I attended much more regularly; but I felt that, spiritually, I was having a really uphill struggle.

    When I was introduced to Hinduism I was really inspired by the Mahabharata, the Ramayana and many spiritual insights to learn more. I studied online with the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, gaining just a glimpse of the spiritual treasures that have developed, and will continued to be added to, in India. However, I honestly felt God saying that the time He had allowed me to explore other spiritualities had now come to an end. It was indeed time to return home. And since returning I don’t think a day has passed without my faith maturing.

    After this rather long winded introduction, this is what I now believe. God created the earth and the universe. Though it may be difficult for us to appreciate sometimes, all life (whether human, animal, mammal, insect, plant or tree) is created by God and always will be. I think that those “sometimes” I referred to are similar to what you refer to in this post. We need to find ways to concentrate more on the Creator more rather than on what has been created by the Creator’s creations!

    Maybe this is not relevant; maybe I have been some help. Whatever the case, I really enjoyed reading your post. And I agree: The Matrix trilogy are a great sets of films!

    God bless you.

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    1. Yes brother you are right and your views are correct and to focused.
      Thanks for such a nice feedback. I m glad that you put your point of view also.
      See first religion doesn’t matter much, the only thing which matter is humanity and how we together grow by focusing on mutual help.

      Yes sometimes we forget to appreciate the creater that doesn’t mean we totally forget. We are humans mistake is our companion and we should learn from this companion.

      And also first look out for yourself, know the reason of your being, first know yourself then you will automatically understand the creater and it’s creation. Because you are also one of his creation and if you understand yourself you will understand everything in life.

      Thanks again buddy for you feedback.


  2. Pta nai Banaras me rah kr isse anjan hona thoda mushqil h…Par ye to yha phle se hi kha h … Patanjali ka yog darshan maine b padha jitna scientifically unhone human body aur intelligence ko use krk kuchh b achieve krne ya fir sabakuchh tyag dene ke bare me btaya hai …Mujhe nai lgta kisi aur jagah maine waisa padha hai… Sankhya darshan bhi padh saken to padhe …Par sabke bad waisa krna wo b patience k sath bhot mushkil hai.

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    1. Bhut bhut shukriya aapka. Apne Shi kha Banaras me rh k in SB cheezo door nhi the Jaa skta, aur hm bhi door nhi they in sab cheezo se bas utna interest nhi tha, waise kuch samay se hmne bhi beginner level se shuruat ki hai.😁😁😁😁 Aur dheere sb kuch smjhne ki koshish kr re hai.
      Aur Aapka shukriya Apne ise padha aur Apne baat rkhi. Aur zaroor hm Patanjali ka got darshan aur sankhya darshan bhi padhenge.
      Ek bar phir aapka bhut bhut shukriya apni baat rkhne k liye.

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  3. बनारस की प्रसिद्ध मिठाई लौंग-लता, लाल पेड़ा, चाट से ले कर मोह माया तक। एक बनारसी हो कर इतना ही कहुँगा “गुरु लिखते अच्छा हो चपे रहो” उत्कृष्ट लेखन ( excellent writing keep it up man)

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