The Moh-Maya and The Matrix.

The Moh-Maya and The Matrix. Hello everyone. There is something I want to share which i never thought i will. Because The topic which i am going to share is related to spirituality and  I am not a very spiritual kinda guy but yeah sometimes I do take interest in spirituality but seriously I never … Continue reading The Moh-Maya and The Matrix.

Scam:- Electronic Industry.

This is 21st century and we are seeing the world in two different forms real and virtual. Today's world is more on virtual than in real. Social media, video callings, internet, video games, online business, every thing is connected to web, every small to big industries are depending on computers. Mobile devices like cell phone … Continue reading Scam:- Electronic Industry.

We the 90’s born kids and the change has became our lifestyle.

"We the 90's born kids and change has became our life style." Why I am saying so because we who are born in the 90's i.e from 1990-2000 (this decade born kids are said to be 90's born kids.) have seen a tremendous change in the world till now. I don't think that kind of … Continue reading We the 90’s born kids and the change has became our lifestyle.

Middle class issues…… Part 1.

Middle class issue's. Topic of discussions in India can originate from anywhere to anyone at any time. We Indian's have our own unique way of looking towards any issue. We can give our views on almost any kind of subject and issue. No matter which part of universe that issue originated. From pot holes on … Continue reading Middle class issues…… Part 1.

Real and virtual:- Tale of two brother’s.

As we are seeing Humans are advancing themselves in the feild of technology way ahead of its time, and it's good. Mobiles , laptops, gadget's, play stations etc. etc. Are some of the evolution of technologies which we use in our day to day life. These inventions were beyond our imaginations 20 years back. These … Continue reading Real and virtual:- Tale of two brother’s.

The day I stopped clicking 🤳 selfies…..

The day I stopped clicking selfies, I realised that I have a right side of my face too:D I even noticed some strangers. And who were those? -- The pimples staring at me on my cheeks and forehead. I wondered where on earth have I been all these years?! SHORT POEM:- "The day I stopped … Continue reading The day I stopped clicking 🤳 selfies…..