Real and virtual:- Tale of two brother’s.

As we are seeing Humans are advancing themselves in the feild of technology way ahead of its time, and it’s good.

Mobiles , laptops, gadget’s, play stations etc. etc. Are some of the evolution of technologies which we use in our day to day life. These inventions were beyond our imaginations 20 years back. These inventions made miraclous change in the feild of technology, and made human race ultra advance in last 10-20 year.


Some of these inventions have gone too far or we can say we have taken them too far. The social media, virtual games(vedio games, play stations) etc etc. We are getting addicted towards the world of social media and virtuality. Inspite of knowing the drowbacks of this addiction we are ignoring it, and simultaneously our kids are highly effected by this addiction.

So here is something from my imagination to make this more clear.
A short conversation between Real and Virtual Life on how this addiction effected a kid named “Sam”.

REAL LIFE:- Hey bro! Wassup!

VIRTUAL LIFE:- Hey bro, awsme man.πŸ˜€

REAL LIFE:- what are you up to these days? Seems everything is going well!

VIRTUAL LIFE:- yeh bro! All good. Can’t you see how rich and healthy I am. But what about you , you look malnutritioned bro hahahahahaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

REAL LIFE:- hmmm you can say that. But What about Sam?

VIRTUAL LIFE:- ohhhh Sam he is the smartest kid ever seen. He has a bright future. And he has thousands of followers in my world.πŸ˜€ He is very much social and famous.

REAL LIFE:- yeah! may be… But he has none in my world….😞no freinds, haters, no well wishers ,exept his parents ofcourse…….

VIRTUAL LIFE:- ohhhhhhh……not everytime please. Everytime you hear my success you become jealous.

REAL LIFE:- No! I am not jealous of you.I just worry about Sam. He is becoming weak, lazy. Even at this age his eyes become weak, has no social life in my world. He hardly even talk to his parents, he became highly introvert, physically weak.

VIRTUAL LIFE:- Ohh man that’s normal, today most of the kids suffer this…don’t worry bro.

REAL LIFE:- No that is something to worry about bro. Sam may be a hero in your world but he is nothing in my world. He is just becoming weaker weaker day by day. Don’t you see he doesn’t even play any games.

VIRTUAL LIFE:- What are you saying. He had completed whole series of a computer game and is a pro level player in the world of online gaming. He is also quite famousπŸ˜‰ you know.

REAL LIFE:– Ohh God!!😀 Why don’t you understand. This is addiction towards virtual Life. And this is bad for his health.

He will never grow healthy this way. You are ruining his life. He has became lazy, weak, has a bended spine, he don’t even know how to maintain relations coz he doesn’t have freinds in real life, lack of emotions, fake smile “all thanks to your emoji“, fake anger, doesn’t know what real world is, has his own imaginative world of social media, fake relations, fake lifestyle, just show biz. Busy in sending selfies and Photoshop images just to show how awsme he is. But he is nothing in real life of what he shows in virtual Life. You are responsible for all what happened to him.

VIRTUAL LIFE:- Wait! Wait! Wait! Why the hell are you shouting at me. I never dragged Sam into all this. Neither told his parent’s to give him that much freedom and exposure for all this at this age. I never forced anyone never. And by the way my elder brother they have created me… these human’s. And I was created for all good reasons. It is only them who are misusing me. So don’t blame me bro.

REAL LIFE:- Yeah! I am sorry! Just got emotional for Sam. It was not your mistake. It’s them it was always these people who have a habbit of misusing everything. They misused me, also they destroyed my ecosystem for there own benifit. It’s what these stupids do. But ultimately it became there biggest loss. Now every one shouting SAVE TREES ,SAVE ANIMALS , SAVE ECOSYSTEM. AND AFTER FEW YEAR EVERYONE WILL SHOUT SAVE REALITY, SAVE REALITY,PLEASE ATLEAST HAVE SOME REAL THING IN YOUR LIFE.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

VIRTUAL LIFE:- HAHAHAHAH!! That’s right bro!. I sometimes feel pitty for them.

REAL LIFE:- Yeah me too. Well how’s our third brother?

VIRTUAL LIFE:- Ohhh! He is very much fine and started walking, took his first step year’s before.

REAL LIFE:- Ohh really!!! That’s good well what was his name I forgot.

VIRTUAL LIFE:- He has been named after two great headmasters of Hogwarts……...

REAL LIFE:- Excuse me!!πŸ€”



We are becoming the masters of virtual world. But what about real world?

This is a big question. Every age group is now dependent on these things… Especially children are being addicted to these.

“If we will not get alert today, we will definately suffer tomorrow.”

Thank’s ,


Β© Copyright reserved Sankshep-The summary 2018

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